Event Summary

The First Two Day People’s Festival & Matanza, Chile & Salsa Competition

Join the 1st Two-Day Albuquerque Peoples Fest and Matanza, Chile and Salsa Competition (APFMCSC) and help make New Mexican history. Showcasing New Mexico’s finest in Multi-Cultural Cuisine, Artisans, Health, Entertainment and Competitions on over six football fields of grass throughout Balloon Fiesta Park, the APFMCSC’s primary goal, to promote New Mexico economic development, tourism and feed New Mexico through competition. Show Patrons providing non-perishable foods upon arrival will be discounted on admission. Barrier free and adapted to fulfill the needs of all patrons equally, on stage interpreters, accessibility and safety will tend to the 30,000 plus show patrons each day in attendance to the World’s largest two-day Albuquerque Peoples Festival and Matanza, Chile and Salsa Competition. ABC Entertainers Plus LLC Show and Starters Entertainment LLC, founders and producers, will help the following non-profit organizations: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Heroes Walk Among Us, Special Spaces of Albuquerque , Paws & Stripes and Warehouse 508 & NMX. ABC Entertainers Plus LLC Show and Starters Entertainment LLC’s ten year goal: to donate majority of the profits and production of the APFMCSC to worthy nonprofit organizations.


The Heart of the APFMCSC extravaganza is the Matanza, one of the oldest traditions to take place on New Mexico soil. Traditionally a one day event, the APFMCSC is a two day celebration promoting economic development, tourism and awareness of New Mexico’s rich culture!!!!!


What is a Matanza?


A Matanza is a tradition that dates back to the first American Rodeo in the 1600’s celebrated by American Cowboys known as the Spanish Vaqueros (master herdsman). These Rodeos took place on New Mexican soil over 220 years before Texas Easterners had even learned the “Art of the Vaquero”. The Vaqueros would tend the stock throughout the year and every November round the stock up to sell, brand and butcher; this is how the term “Rodeo” came to be. For Centuries our Ancestors have passed along treasured family Matanza recipes. Matanzas’sare a traditional Family and Community gathering event. Friends and Neighbors help in processing a large pig and finish the celebration with a feast and of course, Music. For centuries our ancestors have passed along treasured family Matanza recipes, APFMCSC is committed to helping pass this tradition along.

   Be a part of New Mexican history with Matanza, Chile and Salsa fans of all ages and enjoy Chicharones, Red & Green Chile, Salsa and other New Mexican authentic favorites Saturday November 8th and Sunday November 9th 2014 from 8AM till 5PM at theAlbuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park. Offering delicious & authentic native recipes, Matanza, Chile and Salsa competitors participate with hopes and dreams of taking home the coveted trophy, a little Cash and above all the BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR A YEAR! November 8th and 9th 2014 witness which family, friend, or business has the BEST & TASTIEST Matanza recipes, Salsa and The Best Red or Green Chile! Red or Green?

This family oriented event promises to be a fun, competitive and memorable weekend. APFMCSCintroduces the New Black Shopping Weekend drawing Artisans, Vendors, Exhibitors and Craftsman and Craftswomen from all corners of New Mexico. A Health fair section promoting healthy living providing show patrons the latest technological advances.

Competitions: Matanza, Chile and Salsa competition, and Pie Eating contest. Entertainment: A Balloon Glow, Huge Beer/Wine Garden, Carnival Games, Rides for Kids, Jumpers and Charitable Raffles. Onsite Can and Non-perishable Food Drive stocking food banks and feeding New Mexico, Job Fair, Police Escorted Motorcycle Bike Run, Motorcycle Bike Show, Education for children on anti-bullying and agriculture taking place as well. This two day PEOPLE FEST showcasing the FINEST New Mexico talent (T.B.A) gracing the Main and Kids Stage both days.


The 1st Two-Day APFMCSCis soon to be a Marquee event for the City of Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico. Partner with us today and help the numerous charities and communities the APFMCSC is helping throughout New Mexico. As a sponsor, your business will contribute to Albuquerque and New Mexico’s economic development, tourism and can receive exposure several months prior to and during actual day(s) of the APFMCSC, APFMCSC offers various sponsorship levels for every budget. Take advantage of this opportunity to display Goods/Services to potential new customers & increase your customer base. Make the 1st Two-Day Albuquerque Peoples Festival and Matanza, Chile and Salsa Competition a tradition for you and your new customers to gather for fellowship, inspiration and to satisfy their craving.