What is a Matanza?

A Matanza is a tradition that dates back to the first American Rodeo in the 1600’s celebrated by American Cowboys known as the Spanish Vaqueros (master herdsman). These Rodeos took place on New Mexican soil over 220 years before Texas Easterners had even learned the “Art of the Vaquero”. The Vaqueros would tend the stock throughout the year and every November round the stock up to sell, brand and butcher; this is how the term “Rodeo” came to be. For Centuries our Ancestors have passed along treasured family Matanza recipes. Matanzas are traditional Family and Community gathering events. Friends and Neighbors help in processing a large pig and finish the celebration with a feast and of course, Music. For centuries our ancestors have passed along treasured family Matanza recipes, APFMCSC is committed to helping pass this tradition along.