The Peoples Festival Movement

Join the People’s Festival “People Helping People” Movement today

The Peoples Festival is seeking Volunteers looking to be involved in this Two-Day weekend aimed toward “People Helping People”. Volunteer today and help Feed New Mexico, Honor and Help our Military, Veterans & their Families, Show Nonprofits, BUY LOCAL Movement and more.

Thank you for your interest to volunteer at the Peoples Festival scheduled for Veterans Day Weekend, Nov 8 & 9, 2014. This is the official registration form to request for being a volunteer for the event. We welcome all who want to help with our event to submit the registration form, however, we do have an official selection process to ensure that we get the higher and most committed level of volunteers possible.

The Peoples Festival is about people helping people, so we encourage volunteerism. However, we understand that sometimes it is not possible for you to make the level of commitment we are looking for due to a variety of reasons. This does not diminish your worth or value, but just the facts of life. If you can’t make a commitment this year, please keep us in mind for next year. Please come join us at the event when you can.

With the level of expectations set, we want to welcome you to register for a short interview to make sure that this is something that you want to do. We welcome all applicants and want to make sure that this is the most efficient and productive time possible. Furthermore, we want the volunteering time you spend with us to be enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying for both of us.

We need help in many different areas of the event. The areas are broken down by categories:

= Veterans / Military (8 to 10)
= Non-Profits (5 to 7)
= Food (6 to 8)
= Artisans (5 to 7)
= Bike Rally (12 to 15)
= Kid Zone (17 to 20)
= Job Fair (6 to 8)
= Health Fair (6 to 8)
= Music Stage (12 to 15)
= VIP & Beer Garden (10 to 12)
= Hot Air Balloons (12 to 15)
= Traffic Control/Parking (15 to 20+)
= Admissions & Entrance (15 to 20)
= Information Booth (5 to 7)
= General Helper/runners (20+)

Please complete this contact form:

Also if you have questions, call Marcy with Big Brothers Big Sisters at 505-837-9223 x12.

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** Your privacy is very important to us. This information is strictly used to communicate with you regarding volunteering during the Peoples Festival

Have Questions or Interested to learn more?

Contact Ron at 505-398-3007 or by E-mail at info@peoplesFestivalABQ.com